Specialising in clear roofed, deep litter dairy shelters

Feeding systems

Side feeding option

Side feeding option

Dairy Shelters Australia provide one of the most robust yet flexible feeding systems on the market with reported fodder savings of up to 30%. Our shelters provide a comfortable, natural light environment that allows cows to convert feed efficiently.

  • Flexibility of design
  • Advanced computer design can be incorporated at a later date
  • Suitable for TMR systems
  • Reduced fodder wastage from treading
  • Feed is kept dry
  • Reduced labour for feeding out

The Side feeding system offers:

  • Cost-effective method of feedlane access
  • No vehicle needed in structure
  • Optional side eave covers for feeding in wet weather
Central laneway design

Central laneway design

The central feeder lane system offers:

  • All weather feeding out
  • Dedicated and clean access way for machinery and equipment