Specialising in clear roofed, deep litter dairy shelters

Farm benefits

Dairy Shelters Australia’s clear roofed, deep litter dairy farm shelters are a cost effective solution with the potential to deliver ‘new milk’ to your dairy enterprise.

Pasture control

  • Reduced pasture pugging
  • Eliminates over grazing
  • Speedy pasture recovery from grazing
  • Reduction in pasture maintenance and labour cost
  • Increased grass production – up to 10% extra pasture consumed
  • Reduces feed wastage – up to 30% better utilisation of fodder
  • Increased farm production – farm production increase of 20-30% milk solids
  • Reduced feed costs

 Effluent control

  • Prevents rainfall washing effluent from pads
  • Reduces load on effluent ponds and systems
  • Pro-active management of farm effluent and long-term future-proofing of your business

Management control

  • Gives you management control during poor weather
  • Superior for animal welfare and comfort
  • A practical and valuable tool for both summer and winter weather extremes
  • Improved body condition and production increases
  • Reduced mastitis and somatic cell count
  • Healthy calves with increased growth rates
  • Reduced lameness and increased lying times

Reduce labour and increase farm production

  • Speedy all weather feeding out
  • Intensify your farm without increasing staff
  • Keep cows close to home when sick or calving
  • Reduced on-farm operational costs