Specialising in clear roofed, deep litter dairy shelters

Animal welfare

Happy healthy cows

Happy healthy cows

Farmers who care about their cows, love clear roofed deep litter housing systems. Sunlight, ventilation, and deep litter are the perfect combination for healthy happy cows. On farms where these shelters are being used effectively we see the following:

  • improved body condition score
  • reduced bulk milk cell count and clinical mastitis
  • protection during extreme weather events
  • reduced lameness
Excellent calf housing option

Excellent calf housing option

These shelters are also an excellent calf housing option.

Keeping animals warm and dry reduces the energy intake required to maintain the animal by at least 4 to 5 Mj  per day.

Cows require at least 8 to 11 hours lying time per day. Soft floored housing systems have proven themselves to enable these lying times. In many studies the preferred lying surface for cows is dry wood chip.